Overall agree with you for one main reason: Incentives.

Google is an Ad company, not a search company. It only cares about giving users answers so they come back again and again to click on those ad links. Even if AI magically is 100% right every time... Google STILL would never only just feature AI results as that would mean there'd be no links... and thus no ad links. Their incentives are aligned with always showing other site links so they can jam ads in there and make money

That being said there's a few points that seem a bit off here

- "these tools aren’t truly AI" - Yes they are. Get what you're trying to say about scraping, but they are 100% AI algorithms

- Annoying chat pop ups are indeed annoying and useless 99% of the time... but chatGPT is materially different, especially for those who know how to use it. It's actually useful (even with the errors). If the chat pop up things begin to match its intelligence levels then that stigma could quickly shift

- AI isn't a fad or going anywhere. If anything, it's iterating at a rate faster than even Moores Law. Training and Inference costs are declining at around 70% p.a. Every 2 years it's 10x cheaper to use (or can be 10x more powerful for same cost). Will it take ALL jobs? Of course not. But it's taking millions every year already and is only getting faster and cheaper according to all the data

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Probably the most level-headed take I came across on the topic. Very useful article, thanks.

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