Tetra, let's say we aim to start with a site that will be more like a "library"/"catalog"; eg; wine library, where you have wine producers, targeted wines, some description for each and some articles here and there on the subject (btw, just an example, not my actual project).

Wouldn't then having a domain like winelibrary.com be the top option? Since the idea would be to build a greater catalog / information site overtime, more than a "brand".

I guess building with affiliates would be the way to monetize at some point, and later on building some related brand on the side to sell a product in the same field.


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What are your thoughts on TLDs? Worth straying from .com for a cleaner/unique link, or can that be harmful?

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All TLDs are the same.

Benefit of .com is the branding, but it doesn't have any effect on SEO.

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