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Hi Tetra

It's definitvely possible to work and travel. I did it with my family (with 3 children) for one year. We travelled the South Pacific.

Our routine was - as you said - to work in the morning. Well, I worked in the morning and my wife was homeschooling the kids. And we did excursions or went snorkelling in the afternoon.

What helped was a good internet connection. In each country we visited, I first purchased 2 SIM cards of the 2 biggest operators.

What also helped was that I had only two phone calls... in the whole year. So I was able to work fully time-independent.

What also helped was to stay at the same place for 1-2 weeks, because we usually lost at least 1/2 day when moving around. It also made things easier because auf 1-2 days you know where to do groceries etc.

Happy to answer questions regarding work and travelling with a family. Besides that year in the South Pacific, we also travel a lot (>12 weeks/year during school holidays).

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Can confirm that the working on wifi money or clients while family wants to go snorkeling is 100% not recommended. This can cause weeks of pain after the fact 😂

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It's fine. I do the same thing for content sites when I "add on" an e-com product

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