Hi, I’m BowTiedTetra.

I’m the founder of several successful authority sites that thrive in the toughest and most competitive YMYL niches. I also teach other affiliate business owners how to scale and grow using the same proven strategies I’ve implemented on my own sites. Want to work with me?


Advisory Services

How can I help you grow your business?

  • Content planning and strategy

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • On-page SEO optimization

  • Linkbuilding advice and strategy

  • SEO product feedback/review

  • Ongoing advice for long term SEO projects

How the SEO advisory process works

  1. Contact me - Email me at bowtiedtetra@protonmail.com with the topic you want to discuss.

  2. Arrange a time - We arrange a time for an anonymous one-hour Zoom call that fits both of our schedules. I send you an invoice at my standard hourly rate (crypto payments can be arranged) and an invite to the Zoom call.

  3. Consultation call – We go over your goals and discuss different strategies for improving your site’s performance. I answer any questions you have about SEO and running an online business.

  4. Follow-up consultations - We conduct follow-up calls as-needed to fine-tune your website at the same hourly rate. If you need regular consultations, we can arrange for a flat monthly rate.


Website Audit

Audits are best for content-based websites that want to fine-tune their SEO, writing, and conversion rate.

  • On-page content analysis (writing quality, silo structure, subheadings, etc.)

  • Internal linking report

  • Full off-page backlink analysis

  • Conversion-rate optimization

  • Technical analysis (speed optimization)

When the audit is complete, I will present a document with my findings and advice on how to improve any errors.


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